Lady Gagazongas

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Janne Hollan works at a car dealership and has done well at her job. To further her career, she'll be heading back to school soon. Janne will make an excellent coed, especially if she wears skirts and tops like the ones she is wearing in this pictorial and video. She's every inch a bra-killer. We're not saying this is the secret of Janne's success in the car business but in these competitive, difficult times, every asset on a girl's list of qualifications sure can help. We'd buy a used Yugo from Janne. Not that she sells them. Janne's fleshy, curvy body is the stuff of voluptuous dreams. "I fantasize about sex and I think I have a good imagination." Wholesome-looking Janne doesn't seem the type to do anything too offbeat. "I have no fetishes like other women I know. The kinkiest thing I ever did was have sex in the middle of the day in the middle of a beach that was full of people," Janne says. Who would have guessed?