Kiki True Pussy Stuffing Cutie

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XLGirls: Have you ever crossed paths with any girls who have been in XLGirls? Kiki True: I have not. That would be a dream. We could all have a girls' day and you know, just see where things go! XLGirls: On-camera or in your personal life, who initiates tit-fucking? Kiki True: I love titty play. My boobs are so, so sensitive. Generally I will do it if the person I am playing with hasn't started it, but nine out of ten times, tiity-fucking is what a man wants the moment they see my titties. XLGirls: Has a guy ever busted a nut just by fucking your tits before he got to fucking your pussy? Kiki True: Several times. I love how flustered and frustrated they get. Like, "Shit, I didn't mean to." Like I have said before, though, my breasts are very sensitive, and I love titty fucking, so even if a man comes quickly or doesn't make it past my mouth or titties, I am beyond pleased. I know that I can make a man cum easily and that makes me feel proud!